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tv   [untitled]    March 30, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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amount input in terms of what the priorities should be and how he or she wants to proceed over the medium, short, medium come ashore, and long term, so the items that you mentioned, commissioner -- short, medium -- short and long term, so the items that you mentioned, pet -- mentioned, commissioner kingsley, i think each of us has a different view over what is important, and that is what i would really look to leadership from the person who is accountable for making it all happen, and i unfortunate joined the commission just after you all worked so hard, but we saw that in just that six-month period, due to evens out of our control, our agenda has changes, so given that, there has to be flexibility, and it is just my
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personal view that we have got to make sure that whoever the chief is will buy into the schedules, because it will be them. i am happy to add to the list of what people think of priorities, but i am not quite sure to say it is right to either set deadlines or such, but when the chief comes in, we can say that we have had a discussion. these are things that are important to us. what is important to you? that is my two cents, and i will leave it at that. vice president marshall: really quickly, there is one item we can take off, and that is the third tier on shooting moving vehicles. secretary lt. falvey: we did it. vice president marshall: ok. commissioner hammer?
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commissioner hammer: i think what commissioner slaughter said, we reviewed a large number of candidates, and we referred names to the mayor, who hopefully soon will pick somebody, and then he or she can be in their leadership. i do think some of these items -- of the commission. for instance, surveillance activities. " -- whatever the next chief things of that, we have a duty, and especially, for instance, in the muslim community in san francisco for it to feel that it is not targeted, as it has dealt in the past. looking at our top priorities in accordance with the retreat, commissioner kingsley, and perhaps when we have a chief, we can revisit it and get their
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input. i think we have enough were the target here and then maybe come back to this discussion. that is my suggestion. vice president marshall: commissioner dejesus? commissioner dejesus: i tend to agree with both commissioner slaughter and commissioner hammer. we have to be able to switch. i do think that there are some items that fall within the purview of this commission that we have to address. making sure that our policies are up to date. the surveillance it's a significant one, and that should be moved up to -- the surveillance is a significant one, and that should be moved up so we can do those dgo's.
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unreal other hand, i do believe there are policy issues that the commission should address. vice president marshall: here is my question? how do we do this without having to retreat could i am comfortable with assigning a few, i am. commissioner kingsley? commissioner kingsley: well, commissioner marshall, keeping in mind what all of the commissioners of expressed about working within the overall policy and structures, a structure that we as a commission feel is important as well as retaining flexibility for items that come upped as
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well as keeping in mind that we will have a new chief at some point soon, i think that we can accomplish all of that in terms of honing in on what our red tier would be, as well as new items that we bring up tonight. perhaps we go item by item and have a vote if we need to get to that point in terms of getting items into that. vice president marshall: i am fine with a couple of folks working on it. i do not know if you want to go through the whole list like we did at the retreat. assigning priorities, five or six things, continuing on to
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page two we could do it here, but i would be happy with a couple of folks working on it and then bringing it back. commissioner kingsley: one of the things is whether or not we agree with certain new things being added to the list, and this is something that commissioner slaughter raised, as well. new items. vice president marshall: i do not have any problem with foreign them in if they are still on commissioners' minds -- i do not have any problem with throwing them in. commissioner: some are very high
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priority for me. whether they are red pr b;ie -- red or blue. secretary lt. falvey: -- commissioner slaughter: i think what commissioner marcia was suggesting is that we have a group go out to say, these are the 20 items, and put them into categories and come back in two weeks and say, "year is," rather than having a conversation where we have to get a debate. again, if people want to do with a different way, that is fine. vice president marshall: suggestions to put on the list.
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commissioner: i was just looking for a speedy way to do this. commissioner kingsley: for us to take this list as well as any items that the commissioners want to add tonight, and then come back. vice president marshall: ok. done. all right. then public comment on item number four? seeing none, the tennis, please call item no. 6. -- seeing none, a lieutenant. secretary lt. falvey: item number six, public comment on
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all matters pertaining to item 8 below, closed session, and public comment on whether or not to hold item eight in closed session. vice president marshall: item number 7. secretary lt. falvey: item number seven, to move into closed session. vice president marshall: without objection. we will move into closed session. secretary lt. falvey: item eight will be in closed session. b and b and c, ok.
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